The Machine Learning Company®

Skytree’s mission is to elevate state-of-the-art research knowledge from the lab to practical application on an enterprise level. 

Since its launch, Skytree has been disrupting the advanced analytics market with a machine learning platform that gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers.

Backed by investments from US Venture Partners, Javelin Venture Partners, Samsung, UPS and In-Q-Tel, Skytree remains at the forefront of enterprise-grade machine learning with the only general purpose platform on the market, built for the highest accuracy, speed and scalability.

The Skytree name is both a reminder of where we started – implementing advanced analytics and advanced data structures on large-scale astronomical data – and an embodiment of our mission. In many mythologies, it is the cosmic tree of knowledge that lifts humanity up and helps us to realize our potential.