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The Future of Data Science
What does the future of data science look like? If you’re Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri, the future of data science is all about predictive models—lots of them running in semi-automated fashion at truly massive scale. Gualtieri laid out his vision on the future of data science and the role that data scientists will play in it during a recent webinar sponsored by Skytree, a developer of software for automating predictive analytics using machine learning models. That in itself should give you a hint as to where the Forrester analyst was going with his predictions.

CIOReview has announced 180fusion, the leading search engine marketing firm, as the CIO (Chief Information Officer) Review's Top 50 Google Solution Providers for 2015. (PRNewsFoto/180fusion)
“They’ve got to the point where it affects human lives, for example by denying someone credit. There are regulations that force credit card companies to explain to the credit applicant why they were denied. So, by law, machine learning has to be explainable to the everyman. The regulation only exists for the financial industry but our prediction is you will see that everywhere, as machine learning inevitably and quickly makes its way into every critical problem of human society.” – Alex Gray, Ph.D., CTO at Skytree
Gregory Piatetsky via KDnuggets We discuss how Skytree compares with competition, how does it perform relative to expert Data Scientists, how does Skytree Automodel compare to Deep Learning, and more. Skytree recently released a free easy-to-use machine learning interfaces, which include Python SDK and REST API, and GUI, as well as Unix command line interface.

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Jan 30, 2017
SD Times
Alex Handy via SD Times Skytree is hoping to democratize machine learning with its latest release today. Skytree 16.0 brings with it a new machine-learning-as-a-service.
Oct 06, 2016
451 Research
Krishna Roy via 451 Research One of the first startups to appear on the machine-learning predictive analysis scene with an on-premises offering designed to appeal to Fortune 500s, Skytree recently altered its business model with the debut of freemium pricing.
Oct 06, 2016
via Data Science at NYU The Center for Data Science’s own Vasant Dhar has said the problem with data science is no longer collecting data, but finding the right tools to analyze that data. Skytree, a machine learning software presented by Nick Ball and Alexander Gray at the Moore Sloan Data Science Environment, touts itself as making advanced data mining of large datasets available to everyone, not just data scientists.