Skytree for Retail/eCommerce

Skytree provides a powerful, proven, repeatable solution to help retailers find new customers, upsell existing customers and prevent customer churn. Many retailers struggle to address churn, understand the causes of drop-off and identify the indicators that cause it.

Our machine learning platform can help retailers discover the leading indicators that cause passive churn and analyze specific behaviors that identify which members are likely to churn. By understanding who is likely to churn and when, retailers can make the right assessments and recommendations, take preemptive actions and boost conversions and sales.



"While many companies are diving into the world of big data, few are yet able to harness the full power of machine learning to spot subtle or complex patterns in their data. Skytree excels in this area, making data scientists far more efficient in their efforts, and therefore enabling speedier development of more sophisticated analytics applications."



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