The Skytree Partner Program enables diverse organizations within the big data ecosystem to collaborate with Skytree to expand solutions offerings, address use cases and increase segment reach.

Our OEM, Alliance, Technology and Academic partners help customers gain unique and actionable big data insights by leveraging Skytree’s enterprise-grade Machine Learning platform


As a Skytree partner, your company benefits from market leading machine learning and predictive analytics solutions as well as programs designed to:

  • Support your business growth
  • Help generate new opportunities, increase profitability, and close deals more quickly
  • Provide access to leading machine learning technology and practitioners

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Partner Categories


The Skytree Alliances partner program enables partners to sell and support Skytree, unlocking the power of advanced analytics.



Skytree partners with leading technology vendors to ensure compatibility and inter-operability with complementary products and solutions in the big data and analytics space.


Skytree’s OEM program solves a common problem faced by software product vendors. 


Skytree is supporting world leading data science institutions to promote data science as a profession.

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