Skytree Services

Skytree machine learning solution experts are highly trained data scientists and solution architects who ensure Skytree solutions are being effectively utilized to benefit your business objectives.


Our support services cover everything required to implement Skytree to solve your big data machine learning problems.

Available support services include:

  • Machine learning optimization in your environment
  • Product enhancements – keeping you abreast of upcoming and recently delivered enhancements that can increase the value of your Skytree implementation
  • Software beta access – access to the newest machine learning features and new products
  • Architectural reviews – expert advice on proposed or existing architecture and how to get the most out of Skytree software


If you are just starting to explore how to tackle your advanced analytics problem or you are experienced and are looking to increase the depth of expertise on your team with our world class Ph.D. data scientists, contact us to discuss how we can structure a training course to meet your needs.

Our training topics include:

  • Machine learning fundamentals
  • How machine learning can be optimized for your organization
  • Advanced machine learning with Skytree software

“Machine learning represents the next stage in data intelligence. Companies, like ours, working to achieve competitive advantage through big data require an enterprise class platform capable of gleaning actionable predictive insights from large, complex data sets. Skytree is addressing that need by making machine learning more accessible to data scientists that work at the core to deriving value from data,