Skytree Platform

The leading enterprise-grade machine learning platform for big data


To build more accurate models in a shorter amount of time, you need high performance algorithms and to utilize all of your data. The Skytree platform is built for algorithmic speed and scales to perform machine learning on massive amounts of data – structured and unstructured – so data scientists never have to downsample.



Because it’s designed for enterprise companies, Skytree is highly scalable and delivers on the requirements of demanding technology teams with enterprise-grade features such as model management, LDAP & SSL secure user access, high availability model training, full model audit trails and Kerberos secured user data.


Skytree allows you to leverage your investment in big data by installing on existing infrastructure and by implementing a platform that includes data preparation, automated machine learning model building and easy model deployment. You access the platform via an intuitive GUI or programmatic interface.

Why Skytree

Built to scale to the largest and most diverse data sets while delivering the greatest predictive model accuracy, Skytree empowers data scientists to build more accurate models faster. The result? Deep analytic insights and the ability to predict future events, make recommendations, and reveal untapped markets and customers.

HIGHEST ACCURACY Skytree simplifies the data prep process and uses the entire dataset, including structured and unstructured data, to run more experiments and identify high-value patterns.

AUTOMATION We take advanced analytics to the next level using artificial intelligence to produce sophisticated algorithms, model training and automated experimentation.

ENTERPRISE-GRADE Our end-to-end platform fits seamlessly into your big data infrastructure with auto-documentation, model management, visual interpretation, and user and data security.


"We have been working on fraud detection since 1990 and now have a 10% lift using Skytree. That’s a big deal."


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What’s New in 16.0?

This 5 minute video introduces new features and capabilities in Skytree 16.0. making it more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Watch this video to see how Skytree delivers:

  • Auto-featurization based on automatic heuristic analysis of datasets to maximize model accuracy
  • Automatic prerequisite transformations for AutoModel to enable all algorithms
  • Enhanced user interface for greater ease-of-use


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