eFootball: Update and mobile version postponed

The Japanese company’s step back to provide new content to its users, left without after the complicated release of eFootball 2022.

eFootball 2022 continues to lag behind, with the update that will bring it to version 1.0 as close to the final form of the game as possible, and so it is that Konami has seen fit to run for cover by updating PES 2021 on all platforms. On consoles and PC, the update promised in recent weeks will bring new content but will have limits, specifically not introducing the roses of this year, although the Japanese company has evaluated the hypothesis. On smartphones and tablets, however, will be made a step forward further, as announced today by the Asian developer and publisher.

“Update for mobile users,” so opens the communication by means of Twitter from Konami, in which it is explained that “we are pleased to announce that the mobile version of eFootball PES 2021 will receive an update (version 5.6.0) on December 16, 2021.” What will this update do? “Player condition ratings and club information will be provided through weekly Live Updates and the distribution of new POTW Agents will be restarted,” on par with what was promised on console. The best Esports apps you can find here on esportbetting.net.

Why the UK Has Become the Hub of the Gambling Industry

Even those who live inside the UK will perhaps be surprised to hear about just how popular gambling now is in this country, with the fact that online casinos and betting sites are still illegal in other regions across the globe holding them back from competing. As a result, the UK is now viewed by many as the centre of the online gambling industry, something that could not have been predicted even a decade ago.

A number of leading organisations within the industry now base themselves in the UK, while the government also brings in a massive amount of tax revenue thanks to an increase in activity in this area. Other countries are now looking to follow suit by introducing less strict gambling laws, similar to what the UK has done over recent years. Betting shops / betting sites and casinos are prevalent both online and on the high street today, while a huge amount of major events are now sponsored by gambling companies.

Whether you are interested in playing your favourite slot game with an online casino or looking to back your football team to win the cup, there is now almost endless opportunity for punters to gamble. However, just how did we get to this stage and is the UK’s gambling scene to be viewed as a success or failure?

Gambling Regulations in the UK

The UK Government took the somewhat radicle step to deregulate the market, making it easier for gambling companies to operate. Gambling licenses became easier to gain access to, whilst there were also fewer barriers to entry. The UK seemingly issued licenses to as many gambling companies as possible, even those who operated offshore with no access to the money in which they made. Doing so created a hugely competitive marketplace, making it hard to avoid gambling today. Whilst in other countries advertising gambling sites is forbidden, the UK is far more open to the idea. However, brick-and-mortar casinos and bookmakers can still only offer a stipulated number of fixed-odds terminals.

Tax Changes in the UK

Perhaps the biggest change came when the tax paid by players on their gambling winnings was scrapped, meaning that you are now in a position to take home 100% of your earnings, which was not previously the case. As a result, a greater number of people have been attracted to gambling, whilst some even do so professionally. Such factors have certainly helped to add to the popularity of gambling in the UK, while the banning of tabacco advertising has also meant that events and companies have had to look further afield when it comes to finding new sponsorship deals. The gambling industry has certainly stepped up to the plate in this regard.

Why PayPal is Now the Most Popular Banking Method for UK Casino Players

Online casino players have long had a wide range of options when it comes to processing payments, ranging from traditional to more modern-day methods. Today, customers have an almost endless list of payment operators competing for their attention, all offering an efficient process of processing cash in and out of casino platforms. While the likes of VISA and Mastercard are still popular options for players, PayPal is perhaps now the biggest name in the industry in this area. PayPal have an established relationship with the Gambling Commission, meaning that they only work with licensed casinos.

PayPal is an e-wallet platform, with players being able to link their credit and debit cards for quick and easy transactions. Founded back in 1998, PayPal were able to make an impact within the casino industry quicker than most thanks to their relationship with the Gambling Commission, while they flat out refuse to process illegal payments. With recent research finding that nearly half of the British population had gambled within the last month prior to being surveyed, it comes as little surprise that PayPal has become so popular. 71% of participants had a positive view of PayPal, while only 2% had a negative standing. So, just what makes PayPal so good for online casino players? What are the best PayPal casinos?

PayPal is 100% free to use, while it also offers a hugely secure platform for players to take advantage of. At no point will any casino see your financial information, including both credit and debit card account numbers. PayPal is also extremely fast in terms of processing payments, which is true when it comes to both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings with your online casino. The majority of deposits are processed instantly, while withdrawals are often completed in just a matter of hours. Meanwhile, with PayPal now being associated with a huge number of casinos available to UK-based players, many now use the e-wallet as their sole payment method.

In terms of the security measures in which they have in place, PayPal store user data on systems that are not connected to the internet, while all transactions are fully encrypted and kept behind firewalls in a digital vault in which only they can gain access to. However, customers must still ensure that they play their part in ensuring that information is kept safe at all times, which can be achieved in part by maintaining that all software is up to date and not processing transactions using unsecure WiFi connections.

Elsewhere, PayPal has built an excellent reputation thanks to their fast transfers, with many taking just a matter of seconds. Having logged into their individual account, players will often see their cash appear in their casino kitty immediately. A good proportion of online casinos do not charge any additional fees when processing such transactions, however be sure to check with your casino beforehand. Instant cashouts are also readily available using PayPal, however this will depend on your casino’s individual processing times. PayPal is faster than any credit or debit card, along with the majority of other e-wallets.

So, be sure to consider using PayPal to fulfil your online casino payment needs if you have not already, with the positives certainly outweighing the negatives when it comes to this well-known e-wallet platform.

Straight 2 Operations – 4 Database Systems for Businesses to Consider in 2018

The most important thing for a business to succeed is to have a database. Every successful company has a database. It doesn’t really matter the type of database that they have, it can be offsite, handled by a third-party or even managed in an equal region. Every business in order to succeed needs to count on a good database. Here are 3 to consider this year:


I’m sure you’ve all heard about this famous database system. This system has been everyone’s month since 1979, and worldwide is one of the most known. However, this system is not very easy. New users look forward to investing in training to get as much as they can from this system. Oracle also allows managing data as a cloud service.

Microsoft SQL Server

This site gets love equally as it gets critiqued. Like it or not, this system is one of the most important database systems in the world. People are still using the 2008, 2012 and 2014 version even when 2016 is already out. Used by the best online casino sites in the UK. They were not the first one to join database service, however, they still are holding the crown as one of the best database systems of the world.


This system is neither as famous nor known as the one of above, but however, it got nothing to envy them. They are trying to expand by promoting this website through a lot of marketing, as we often see them in online video games and domain registries. This server runs on many operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and as for today Mac OS X has joined them.


This type of operating system is mostly made for the big amount of data. As for today the big companies always go for Teradata, because when dealing with a large number of data, it’s the best. They also managed to roll the first database on Wall-mart 25 years ago.

All of this websites are known for their security and responsibility. Make sure to read all of the advantages of each one, and pick the one that suits your business the best. Thanks to www.casinovergleich.eu for the support.

The Best 4 Software Products for a Manufacturing Business

To get a manufacturing business, there are numerous things you must know beforehand, one of them being the best software product. With a good software product, your manufacturing business is set up to succeed. With so many choices, it must be hard to choose the right one. We have the solution, so keep reading to find out.

E2 Manufacturing System

E2 Manufacturing System

This program has everything you could possibly ever need in a software product. It has job tracking and shipping, which is most important when dealing with manufacturing software. On their website, you are going to be able to see a list of the manufacturing shops that this software works with and has to offer

It also gives you the opportunity to try it out, to make you be sure that this is the type of manufacturing system that you need.



This server lets you pick out the options you desire to use, from the basics to a whole list of different options that can be added to best fit your business. This company also has to offer a free demo for you, so you can try it out and make sure is the right option for you.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

This whole platform is one of the best on the internet. It gives you many options to manage your inventory in a right-safe way, your finances, warehouse, and customer relationships. So, there is no way to go wrong with this server.

xTuple Manufacturing Edition

xTuple Manufacturing Edition

This company is an open source for ERP and CRM, it offers all of the necessary things that a manufacturing software should have. Such like an inventory, orders, scheduling, and purchasing and accounting. The listing options that you need and use are going to be ones to determine the price you’ll be charged.

All of the four options listed above are 100% trustworthy companies that offer all of these advantages and that can make your manufacturing business success, any time. Look at all of the options that each of these servers offer, and choose the right one for you.

3 Ways to Improve Your Data Analytics Skills Now

If you are looking to set up a new goal and be better at your work as well. One thing you can do for you and can actually make worth your time is to improve your data analytic skill and improve your overall performance at your work.

While you might need a little practice to pull out most of these advices, keep in mind that constant practice and reinforcing the knowledge that you already possess about data analytics can be a great way to understand your difficulties, for that, let’s start by giving you three bits of advice that can become useful in your data analytic skill.

Write It Down

Starting this list of tips to improve your analytical skills, comes an interesting subject, which is, of course, the way we write our own projects. Our goal with every single one of our works is to be understandable for the other people, not only for ourselves.

That’s why one of the best advices you can get is to write a brief but exact summary of the subject of your choice regarding your project and let a family or friend read it. If they understand your work perfectly it means that you are doing an incredible work with your data analytic skill.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore New Alternatives

Being better at your data analytic skill means to play with unfamiliar factors and try new and innovative methods. It doesn’t matter about the results or the finality of your project, is the way you do it and how you interact with new elements and tools that can prove to be useful in a near future, this includes working with a smaller data than you normally would of course.

Back to the Start

While we talk about the new and more advanced methods, is important to take notice that the best analyst out there dominates the basics of data analytics, for that is highly important to get back to the basic books and be fully aware of their content.

Becoming a better analyst is not something that you can do in one sitting. It requires compromise and hard work, but with enough practice and using these advices, you can finally start growing and becoming better at your work.

3 Facts You Should Know About Skytree Server

When we talk about the latest tech regarding databases and servers, we have to talk a little more about what Skytree.Inc has developed in these past years with his primer project.

Skytree Server is known for being one of the pinnacles in software’s platforms nowadays. The many functions that Skytree possesses go from deploying analytics and complex solutions to obtain much data. This is one of the main objectives of the Skytree Server.

But what it makes Skytree servers so known is the efficiency that it has, since is known for shining in efficiency and a great level of accuracy, making it the undisputable choice when it comes to machine learning and getting results quicker.

The History behind Skytree Servers


While we are talking about Skytree Servers success, if we want to talk about the beginnings of this project, we have to discuss the beginnings of Skytree.Inc and how they start with this project.

Now, the company of Skytree.Inc has first been incorporated in the market in late 2011 approximately. But the important subject is that in the beginnings of the year 2013 Skytree gain a massive number of investor that led to the funding of the “Series A”, leading to the creation of Skytree servers in the years to come.

Which OS Does Skytree Operate On?


Skytree software servers are mainly used in Linux, since is known for being more “open” and “free”, not to mention that it can give the operator more control when it comes to leading a single server computer.

What Are The Requirements Of Skytree Server?


If you desire to use Skytree server you first require the MapReduce Framework, this is almost essential for the installation and performance of Skytree, alongside you’ll need NFS API, with these programs you might get Skytree server to run smoothly in your computer system, but something to take in notice is to have the latest version of these programs installed.

Skytree Servers are being known for their performance and quality, and with servers that are being operated with the quality of Skytree, we’ll finally know how to upgrade our services in servers and the quality of the service itself.

The Top 3 IT Related Careers You Could Consider Pursuing In The Future

IT related careers has become one of the most attractive options for the youngster that dream of having a well-paid job that can offer them a lot of benefits as well that can improve their lives and not having the option of putting themselves in a rough work.

While this type of jobs become attractive in the mid-2000s when high IT companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google started expanding their horizons and with the arrival of the internet and advanced home computers. Having an IT related job can be profitable if you are living in the current times.

But talking about IT jobs raise the following question, ¿What are the best-paid jobs that you can get if you follow an IT career? While there are many options that give a great salary and job opportunities, let’s take closer look at the most attractive optionsSky Tree found to be crucial in these IT Careers.

Software Developer

Being innovative, creative and having great performance programming can lead you to, maybe the most attractive and best IT job of all. Software development focuses on creating the everyday apps that we use in our phones or the computer programs that we use for work.

These types of jobs are rather crucial if you want to explore an IT career, and is the favorite option for many that desires to get into the world of IT.

IT Managers

Having more IT jobs in the market requires a proper management of these works and services that are often provided online. IT management focuses on organizing and guides you to the complex labyrinth that modern technology is today.

Information Security Analyst

With the growing risk of hackers and intruders getting your data and information, an information security analyst is a person in charge of protecting and administering the different information systems that protect your personal information as well as the ones who protect dedicated servers to cyber-attacks.

IT jobs are the future and having knowledge in these specific areas of work can give you the benefit of working with prestigious enterprises and business that can potentially give you a great economic position.

The Future Is Here – Why Is Machine Learning So Big Right Now?

One of the revolutionary breakthroughs that we have experienced these past years has to be with machine learning and his functionality when it comes to data analytics and how does it improve the overall performance.

Since artificial intelligence has been an important subject since the early 2000s. The desire of having more machines to take up and improve in most of our works has been a desire that has been profound in the years to come, and with data analytics being a remarkable subject for this generation, machine learning has become a fundamental practice in this subject.

But let’s take a closer look at what machine learning means.

Machines Learning Process and Patter Recognition

Machine learning nowadays can be described as the process of machines learning new processes thanks to their complex algorithms and more advanced pattern recognition. This concept is rather new since we used to discuss machine learning and his functionality differently as we do it today.

But the pinnacle of the evolution in machine learning is that, being able to teach new commands and functions without being programmed to make specific task or action. This theory has gone to a new reach since most researches are now interested in artificial intelligence and how it can add up to learn from the preexisted data.

Big Companies Are Trying It for the First Time

Let’s take for example the newer projects for big companies such as the well-known Google. Since they are right now expanding in the horizon of artificial intelligence and how they can guide us and assist us in the future, they have made some improvements in their latest project that regards with machine learning.

This, of course, is the famous “Self-driving car” made by Google. This project relies heavily on the process and efficiency of machine learning, as well as the positive results that these projects can lead.

We see machine learning and their effects in our everyday life, since the recommendations that we often see in WebPages such as Netflix or Amazon that recommend us products based on our activity and data, we can finally see the impact and full potential of machine learning, and the future of artificial intelligence.