“We chose Skytree because they’re absolutely leading the way when it comes to Machine Learning”

— Philip Bermingham, Data & Analytics Manager
Brookfield Residential Property Services

Skytree Server

The Hadoop ready enterprise Machine Learning platform. Delivering high performance Advanced Analytics for critical business issues, such as: churn prediction, fraud detection, lead scoring, customer segmentation, recommendations and more.

Data Setup

Skytree Server is designed to connect quickly and easily with the existing IT infrastructure, making data setup a breeze. It can be configured to accept data streams from multiple sources and compute near-instantaneous results (including real-time queries) on each one. The resulting analytics are returned through the same channels.

Modeling & Exploration

Skytree Server’s scalable architecture can often perform state-­of-­the-­art Machine Learning methods that were never before possible on large datasets, with near-instantaneous response times.

Skytree Server’s funda­mental design is an industry first, and incorporates advanced algorithms from the Machine Learning and theoretical computer science frontier to achieve speedups of up to tens of thousands of times over existing approaches in the marketplace. With the ability to process entire large datasets at such high speeds, we can often offer remarkable boosts in accuracy within reasonable timeframes.

PowerPack Plugins

PowerPacks are modules that are plugged into the Skytree Server Foundation. PowerPacks add considerable speed and performance to the Skytree Server Foundation, through the introduction of innovative optimizations to traditional Machine Learning methods and through extremely accurate modeling controls.
Learn more about PowerPack Plugins.

Specs & Architecture

Skytree Server is the engine that powers your data pipeline, receiving input from your existing data sources and feeding results to your front end. It is built on a state-of-the-art scalable architecture that can be installed across a cluster, locally or in the cloud.

To compute the scale of your Skytree Server deployment, calculate your project requirements using our Analytics Requirement Index.

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