Skytree Machine Learning Software

The leader in enterprise-grade machine learning, Skytree installs on your existing infrastructure, uses the entire data set and utilizes high performance algorithms and automated model building to deliver more accurate predictive models in less time. Take the tour to see how it works.

Key Capabilities

Skytree also satisfies the specific requirements of discerning data scientists and IT organizations.

We’re Hadoop Certified on Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Amazon EMR. We offer familiar machine learning methods with industry standard deployment options including PMML and JAR files. Our Machine Learning Transformations fuse and support structured and unstructured data. And we provide SPARK integration, YARN support and a project based GUI.

Highly Scalable Algorithms

Skytree speeds up machine learning methods by up to 150x compared to open source options. Employing deeply optimized algorithms, Skytree performs analytics in-memory and utilizes the latest high performance computing techniques. By taking fewer mathematical steps to achieve the same result, Skytree has proven to be the fastest machine learning software on the market.



Artificial Intelligence for Data Scientists

Even citizen data scientists can build accurate machine learning models with Skytree’s ground breaking AutoModel technology. Using patent-pending global optimization analytics to automate algorithm and parameter selection, Skytree saves weeks or months of effort. Instead of manually running hundreds of experiments to determine the best algorithm and parameters, Skytree does it with one click.

Self-Documenting Models

Skytree allows data scientists to visualize and understand the logic behind ML decisions. Skytree provides visual documentation, which logs every data set used, data split done, transformation applied, algorithm run, and results obtained for each and every model built with Skytree.


Explain Model DAG
Visualize Tree

Model Interpretability

Results are easy to explain and justify to peers, management and regulators with Skytree’s unparalleled interpretation tools. By gaining visibility into the logic behind the machine learning results – including variable importance – data scientists can better understand and reproduce the decisions of the automated modeling.

End-to-End Platform

Skytree isn’t just another toolset or set of machine learning libraries; it’s an end-to-end enterprise platform for machine learning on big data. Our software is designed to solve robust predictive problems with data preparation capabilities, advanced machine learning algorithms and options to build and deploy models in a variety of formats.



Programmatic and GUI Access

Administrators, senior data scientists and citizen data scientists alike can access Skytree via the easy-to-adopt GUI or programmatically in Java, Python or the Skytree Command Line Interface. Because models are self-documenting, there’s a full audit trail that logs every dataset used, data split done, transformation performed, algorithm run and result obtained.